Hiring a New Director

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Hiring a New Director

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Hiring a New Director
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Hiring a New Director
Organizational leaders play a significant role in driving the success of any particular company. They take control of all the activities including the decision-making process. It is through decision making that leaders determine what is right for the specific organization. In doing this, effective leaders ensure that the decisions conform to the mission, vision, and the core objectives of the firm. Similarly, in conducting the recruitment process leaders determine the right personnel by matching their skills, capabilities, experience, and qualifications to the job requirements and evaluate if the candidate matches the job description (Ibarra, 2015). Consequently, the decisions have a significant influence on other activities within the organization since employees typically undertake almost all the activities in the organization. Therefore, if a leader makes an appropriate decision on the hiring process, it ensures that the organization captures the best personnel that create value to achieving the core objectives.
From the five resumes provided, I would recommend candidate three for hire as the new chief executive officer. The candidate meets all the job requirements as stated by the Directors of the company. In addition, candidate three not only portrays a good track of experience within the healthcare sector but also over 20 years of leadership in the sector. Having played a ro…

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