High Commitment High Performance

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High Commitment High Performance

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High Commitment High Performance
How Organizations Can Break Down Barriers and Silos
To a football team, Silos are necessary, just like in firms. It is because they help in providing a clear structure that help in team functioning. A football team is split into various divisions or departments like striking force, attacking midfield, defending midfield, and a technical bench. The team is formed in a way to provide expertise in various areas. In a team, silos are normally places where info, focus, and up & down control flow.
However, these team silos also amount into problems since they may end up blocking information flow, focus, and outward control of a team. That said it is important to make critical decisions across silos to function efficiently as a team (Ashkenas, 2015). Aspects of the firm silos barrier include: insufficient flow of information, non-aligned priorities, decision making across silos is poor and uncoordinated. Therefore, a team has to encourage a unified front through the following ways.
Designing of a unified vision as a team
Patrick Lencioni argues that organizations undergo a series of devastations amid conflicts and silos. A lot of damages arise, for instance, wasting resources, killing of productivity and under-achieving of set objectives and roles. For a football coach, it is important to tear down silos in a team, by overcoming behavioural issues and effectively addressing contextual issues that critically affect the t…

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