Health Law and Legislation

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Health Law and Legislation

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Health Law and Legislation
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Health Law and Legislation
The healthcare system is fundamental for countries all over the world. This system provides health care and financial protection to the residents of a particular state. The main aim of the health care system is to ensure that the citizens have access to health services and are afforded by some financial risk protection. Health care is a fundamental human right according to the World Health Organization, and thus it is crucial to a country`s well-being. There are various models of these systems in different countries depending on who is covered, what services are covered and how the cost is covered. The major types of healthcare systems include; national health insurance, national health system and a socialised insurance system.
The National Health System is real socialized medicine where health care is provided and financed by the government through taxation. The state manages the health institutions, and there is a low cost per capita in health like in Britain (Fiona&Duckett, 2017). The National Health Insurance consists of a single payer system where it is tax funded and privately run. This system the NHI limits the services they pay and care is publicly administered by private physicians as seen in Canada. Socialized health insurance is where health care financed by employers and employees, and it covers all the residents. Individual physicians and government deliver…

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