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Happy Day

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Happy Day
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Happiness emanates from the memories and mystiques of life. Persons that ably relive such mystiques enjoy the true happiness. Measuring happiness is difficult. Happy people are considered hugely successful. Happy individuals have a high sense of humor, prefer being honest, are open-minded and consider social skills important in enhancing their happiness. Happy days are synonymous with their lives. Getting a dream job became my happiest day. The job entailed roles that I liked reliving each day. The perks were not important, though the progress was more enthralling. It was no longer a mystique. The price of happiness is indispensable. All individuals are searching for happiness in vain. The job allowed me to attain my purpose in life. It is rare for persons to embody their jobs with as much gusto portrayed by Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi. Happy days can only be relived every day by all individuals through identifying their true liking or purpose in life.
SWLS (Satisfaction with Life Scale) infuses several phrases that liken to the state of happiness shared by different individuals. Persons can easily identify the phrases and choose replies, which easily identify to a scale. The scale is primarily within a range of 1-7 and uses words such as agree and disagree, with diverse levels of agreement or disagreement. Imperatively, having replied to the scales questions, I agree that I am extremely happy (Emerson, Guhn, & Gadermann, 20…

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