Haiti Earthquake Simulation 3

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Haiti Earthquake Simulation 3

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Haiti Earthquake Simulation- 3
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Haiti Earthquake Simulation- 3
As a survivor, I realized that communication lines were important. During the earthquake, getting assistance was difficult since the emergency numbers were down since the communication cables were damaged. Communication is an aspect of a disaster that I had never considered. Since the cables were undersea, they were prone to interruption by the tragedy. This paralyzed efforts to reach the emergency teams. The lack of reliable emergency numbers inspired me to propose common crisis numbers that relied on landlines, or that did not rely on undersea connectivity.
This simulation is realistic since it shows how difficult it can be to maintain hope and be optimistic in such a tough situation. The game helps in explaining that it is necessary to be hopeful during and after a tragedy. It is also realistic since it brings all the players of a disaster together and it shows the reality that is presented by a calamity. It also demonstrates the role that people involved in a tragedy should play in saving a life.
What was realistic about the simulation was the fact that it involved survivors, aid workers, and journalists. Typically, these are the people you expect around a disaster-stricken area, and they all have roles to play. What seemed unrealistic was the presence of soldiers telling Haitians to write their addresses and phone numbers, yet they no longer had homes (Inside Disaster, …

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