Group dynamic

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Group dynamic

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Author Amy McMillan defines a group as, various individuals who unite with the aim of accomplishing a set task (Barnett). Groups provide a platform in which members can freely express themselves, be curious, challenge and confront perceptions and the issues they face at a personal, group or intergroup level (Pedersen et al., 2015; Forsyth, 2018). The term Group dynamics was initially coined by Kurt Lewi in 1943 (Khosrow- Pour 2008). Kurt based his definition on how groups and individuals respond to varying circumstances (Khosrow- Pour, 2008). Using Kurt’s definition as a foundation, Modern day authors and researchers have developed more detailed descriptions for the term group dynamic in order to facilitate a deeper understanding.
According to Hattangadi (2015), group dynamic refers to “attitudinal and behavioral characteristics of a group.” Hattangadi further explains that these group dynamics affect organizational success since the nature of a group affects the general functioning of the organization. Authors Xenikou and Furnham (2012), give an even more complex elaboration of the term as “psychological processes that take place in groups.” According to Duncan (2011), group dynamics serve as a conceptual framework that provides an approach to understanding how groups can work effectively in a…

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