Grade Inflation

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Grade Inflation

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Students get motivated to pass in different ways; some find easy to get motivated and struggle to succeed in their studies. Over the years the students have had a new way of motivation, grade inflation is this program that students find it easy to progress as a result of their grades get raised. It happens when the average grades in a class range from A to B-minus. Some studies have approved it while others have criticized it. The critiques have it that raising those grades to the said figures reduces the student’s power in the job market. They proceed to state that employers these days have even tried to find other means of employing people other than using grades (Mark Oppenheimer, 2016).
Statistical reports have produced long term research on the issue and years showing the progress of the grade inflation and how it has affected to results of students. In the year 2013, Forbes magazine revealed that employers were looking at grades that are only above GPA of 3.0 and 3.5. The above statistic shows have grade inflation has affected the employment field (Mark Oppenheimer, 2016). Other statistics have it that it is a problem related to a few Universities, in these institutions professors give out grades of up to 70 percent of As in a class.
According to them, they have the defense saying that grades do not matter at all students have the right to get grades as high as they have managed to score. The point of saying that grades are inflated and affect them…

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