Gamification In Software Project Management Review.

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Gamification In Software Project Management Review.

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Gamification in Software Project Management
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Literature review: Gamification in Software Project Management
The paper examines and explores the concept of Gamification. Gamification is the application of game ideas or mechanics in a non-game context with the aim of improving the concentration and participation of a user while undertaking a specific task (Dubois & Tamburrelli, 2013). It aims at capitalizing on the human desire for to achieve the objective such as solving some of the technical challenges in software development like correctness and reliability. With the increasing use of gamification, this paper seeks to determine some of the practices, impact and the evolution of gamification over the years.
Previously applied in marketing, this concept of gamification has gained traction in various areas due to its effectiveness in capturing the imagination of users. When implemented in software engineering, it has the advantage of increasing the productivity of the employees due to its reward mechanisms which seek to motivate them to learn new tricks and technology like the use of Visual Studio Achievement (Nistor & Iacob, 2018). Gamification improves the quality of work since it encourages some of the best practices in software development such as code conventions and testing. It can also be used as an incentive mechanism by the management to promote creativity and innovation.
The main elements of gamification i…

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