Functional Superiority

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Functional Superiority

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Functional Superiority
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Functional Superiority
George Herbert Mead provides his ideology about what constitutes an ideal society. In his explanations, formations of what he terms as a “universal society” enable everyone to live to their full potential. Furthermore, it puts people in a position where they can significantly contribute to the development of their community. Mead argues that the society is responsible for creating a universal whole with precise definitions and guidelines on the appropriate actions everyone should abide by when relating with each other (Duncan 2017). He uses the concept of “functional superiority” to defend his logic on the coexistence of universal society and democracy. According to Puddephatt (2017), functional superiority gives one a superior sense of self and at the same time makes one see the benefit and significance of one’s unique contribution in creating a friendly relationship with other people.
Universal society and democracy according to Mead’s concept is only possible if each community puts any selfish thoughts and ideas aside and adopts those that benefit them and others. Moreover, everyone is expected to be aware of the consequences of their actions and the effect it will have on other people from other societies (Aboulafia 2016). In this case, Mead’s idea, if adopted by everyone around the world, can help reduce criminal activities, increase the number of peop…

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