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Forgiveness is one important virtue necessary for maintaining peace and functional relationships among people. The gesture features in many instances involving terrorism, genocide, and other similar actions. It is something difficult to give especially to the perpetrators of harming acts. However, forgiveness has been confusing in several instances with people claiming to have forgiven others just a few moments after the actions. In the end, this forgiveness does not yield reconciliation and peace in society.
Forgiving and getting reconciled with our enemies is not easily achieved. Forgiving means we only turn a blind eye to an enemy’s actions. This means that with this kind of forgiveness, the parties involved are not at peace with each other. The enemy has the likelihood of committing another action or the victim making revenge. However, if we forgive, we can attain peace, and the people on the wrong become accountable for their actions (Biehl 1). Thus, forgiveness leads to peaceful coexistence among groups of people or nations.
Forgiveness should not be confused for reconciliation. Forgiveness requires reconciliation. People must first accept their mistakes, confess, and then take the penance laid against them. Forgiveness is only possible after this reconciliation (Gay 1). The rage of the oppressed individuals is usually more than that of the privileged. The downtrodden will view the privileged to be understanding…

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