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Health Insurance
Institutional Affiliation

Health Insurance
Benefits and services offered
The management health plan used by my organization is ideal for all the employees and other benefactors of the program. Through a comprehensive evaluation, it provides all the essential elements. Kongstvedt (2013) shows that an ideal health plan has to provide various benefits that include comprehensive medical care for employees and their families. The scheme caters for both inpatient and outpatient services that include treatment of multiple chronic diseases.
Costs and benefits
The costs associated with the benefits are as per required by various employee based institutions. The plan works on a premium basis where the employer and the employee are subject to deduction of a set amount either annually or monthly. The program caters for all the medical services required by the member. The co-payment method is more affordable and can be easily managed by both the employee and the organization to ensure that all members are safe in the work environment.
Services of the primary care physician
The managed care plan enables members to choose their preferred physicians. The program which is inclusive of an insurance cover is redeemable in institutions that accept such forms of policies. The plan does not limit the number of physician visits performed by a member. The program is structured in a way where the member is allowed to change physicians or hospitals prior to p…

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