Fluoride in drinking water an human health

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Fluoride in drinking water an human health

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Assignment 4: Sources and citation
The purpose of this assignment is to cement in your mind the difference between primary and secondary sources and to give you a small bit of experience providing a formal citation. Please view the video presentation on this subject before completing the assignment; it will make a lot more sense that way.
Please seek out primary and secondary SCIENTIFIC papers. The humanities and social sciences sometimes have other rules. I am not interested in a citation of the Declaration of Independence of the Diary of Anne Frank for your primary sources; I want you to find articles by scientists who collect data from nature.
Complete this assignment by typing within this document and uploading to Moodle.
Part 1. Primary and Secondary Sources
1. Find a primary source on the Internet.
What is the general subject? Fluoride in drinking water and human health
What is the URL? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4851520/
What evidence do you have that it is a primary source?
This is because the source presents the results that are of original research and is presented in the format of an article, pre-publication or a print of articles. This article also reports actual research or reporting the data gathering of the other projects. It is also research that is practically done. The researcher has researched on their own. They have the methods and have arrived on a conclusion hence it is s first-hand da…

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