Fighting the flu

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Fighting the flu

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Fighting the Flu
The article focuses on an illness that has been in existence in the community for ages but is usually overlooked by people. Influenza or the common flu is pandemic because the disease is prevalent in nearly every corner. In the United States of America, a significant number of the populace suffer from flu and are treated in hospitals annually. According to the Healthcare Department, there are severe cases when the flu might result in the patient death. Approximately three thousand people die annually from influenza in America alone, and it is expected the number would increase if viewed from a global perspective. A virus causes flue and since it evolves regularly makes it impossible to have vaccines that have full immunity to the illness.
The available medication only offers immunity to some strains because their gene exhibits mutations making it immune to the drugs. For years the variations of the flu virus have been ahead of scientist rendering their medicine useless in eradicating the pandemic. Now the experts are looking into ways they can stay ahead of the virus by studying how it evolves, the strains with the deadliest effect and as well as vulnerabilities in the mutations. The RNA virus of the flu is unique because it allows replication by copying of the genetic code hence the presence of various strains. Another challenger is the migration of the flu as birds and animals carr…

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