Family systems theory and importance for social work practice

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Family systems theory and importance for social work practice

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Family systems theory denotes the understanding of the family as a unit rather than individualism. This theory further postulates for a subsystem that informs the interrelationship between family members. Such subsystem includes, for example, the nuclear family subsystem, the siblings’ subsystem and the extended family subsystem. These subsystems play an important role in influencing the relationship that exist between the immediate and extended family that also include the community, for instance. On the other hand, this theory is important for social work practice because it provides a better understand of the relationship dynamics both in the immediate and the extend family respectively. Through this model, it is easier for a social worker to understand the cause of a problem or concern in the family that needs to be solved. Certain problems emerge from the past experiences and as such, this theory ensures that the social work not only focus on the immediate family, but also significant others such as the extended family to understand where the problem is emanating (Caldwell & Claxton, 2014).
Family systems concepts
Avenues of communication
The avenues of communication in a family can be verbal, vocal, facial expression, body movement or gesturing. In essence, every communication avenue in the family is meant to pass a particular message. Most families often develop their own communication styles geared at improving family cohesion (Caldwell & Claxton, 2014).

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