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Facebook, Inc is a networking site which connects individuals from different regions around the world. There vision is to give their users the power to share what they have or know with the world and also get connected themselves. The focus of the company is to create value for all its users, developers and the marketers. The company products enable all their users to share and connect with their friends and also express themselves without problems. their products include instagram, messenger, facebook. The company also has a mobile app for facebook that enables users to discover, share and connect through their mobile phones. Instagram on the other hand, is a mobile app that enables users to take videos or photos and share them after they have been customized (Hew 677).
For the last ten weeks the prices of Facebook have been increasing significantly since February this year. There has been a general growth on their prices and this can be attributed to the number of shares being bought on a daily basis. The demand for the shares has growing significantly. The positive nature of the stock prices is a clear indication that their future is safe and well guarded. Currently their stock price is at a high of 81.54 and a low of 81.24, this was a different picture in the last ten weeks when the price was at a high of 76.87 and at a low of 73.45
Date Open High Low Close Avg Vol Adj Close*
Apr 20, 2015 81.54 84.49 81.24 83.62 27,719,600…

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