Exercise and Psychological Well-Being

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Exercise and Psychological Well-Being

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Exercise and psychological well being
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Regular exercise improves cognitive capabilities, creates a healthy mood by reducing depressive symptoms, and also improves one’s esteem. A person who wants to start an exercise program for its psychological benefits should use a starter’s schedule. To achieve optimal results, one should strive to follow the schedule strictly. The schedule should include a combination of aerobic exercises and mind relaxation techniques. According to research, aerobic exercises have significant benefits in improving psychological health (Mikkelsen et al., 2017). Aerobic exercises improve mood by stimulating the part of the brain that is responsible for responding physiologically to stress. A practical exercise plan includes reminders or journals, or the use of tools such as one’s phone calendar to create a routine.
The body responds to various exercises based on standard physiological functions. One of the most important bodily role that can determine the type of exercise and timing is the circadian rhythm. Therefore, the outcome might rely on the schedule of the exercise. For example, some studies report that aerobic exercises have better outcomes when conducted in the morning, with resistance training reporting better results in the evenings (Seo et al., 2013). The following guidelines for a daily routine should be useful in promoting mental health.
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