Eviction Crisis in America

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Eviction Crisis in America

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Eviction Crisis in America
Evictions were rare cases during the past. However, the sociologist professor, Mathew Desmond, believes that millions of poor Americans are evicted nowadays at a high rate from their homes due to their inability to pay rent. In the Diane Rehm Show, the guest host Mr. Tom Gjelten interviews Desmond regarding his book “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City,” which talks about the issue of evictions in America and the role housing has played in deepening this situation. Roll Pendall, the director of urban housing in the urban institute is also a guest. According to Desmond, evictions are frequent in America such that about forty people from Milwaukee are forced out from their homes during summer and winter on a daily basis (National Public Radio). They are evicted because most of them do not have any housing assistance and thus, cannot afford the housing costs. Moreover, Desmond believes that eviction is not only a condition associated with poverty but also a cause of poverty. People lose their homes, possessions, communities, and children drop out of schools. Desmond contends that eviction causes people to lose their jobs because evictions are consuming, stressful and overwhelming events, which cause people to make various mistakes during work and ultimately lose their jobs. Eviction also plays a role in developing depression among people. Desmond contends that mothers evicted from their houses develop hi…

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