Evaluating Quality of Media Information

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Evaluating Quality of Media Information

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Evaluating Quality of Media Information
Evaluating the quality of any media information is very important not only for research processes but also for obtaining any piece of information, like news, which keeps us informed and making any judgments. Not all media information is accurate or reliable, nor will be suitable for a paper or project. A considerable percentage of the media information, both from the Internet and print sources, vary broadly in their objectivity, authority, coverage, currency, and accuracy (Metzger 2078). Other additional indicators would be to check if the source is cited and interpretation of the main point. The first additional sign is checking if the sources are cited and establishing any possible reasons as to why one would believe them. As one goes through the media content, it is of great significance to note who are used as the sources. This would assist in recognizing the level of knowledge and closeness to being the first-hand information.

The second additional indicator is the interpretation of the main point. Almost all the information contents give a thesis, or say the main point, of what the information is intended to achieve. Only news events might be an excepted; the rest are usually built around a trend or an idea. This indicator thus focuses on the ability to establish whether the main points make sense and if the conclusions are line with the evidence offered. Generally, one should look into the conclusions drawn, and if any case they…

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