Ethics at Work and Ethical Analysis

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Ethics at Work and Ethical Analysis

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Ethics at Work and Ethical Analysis
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Ethical decision-making is paramount in organizations that have to deal with ethical issues in uncertain circumstances where numerous interests, stakeholder and values are in conflict and laws are not applicable. Moral problems may arise in situations where leaders or managers use a particular approach to make a decision that affects the welfare, health or safety of consumers, a community or employees. Hence, organizations should strive to promote an organizational culture that supports the principles of ethical decision making. In this paper, I admit the fact that I always make decisions that affect other people in different ways. The factors that influence decision making include ethical competency and awareness. I also discuss the three main categories of ethics-based principle and choose to apply concern-for-others principle since it promotes fairness for all. The role of organizational culture in ethical decision making is also discussed. Lastly, research indicates that organizations can create employees’ awareness of ethics and ethical decision making through education and training.
How my Decisions Affect other People
Making decisions is a mandatory process that not only takes place in the workplace but also in everyday life of a person. According to Ejimabo (2015), individuals decide on a wide variety of things in different ways under different circumstances. These de…

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