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Ethics Article review

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The article is on a five-year girl who has an incurable disease, and the issue is whether her parents should respect her decision not to take her hospital, let her die and go to heaven. The disease is known as Charcot Marie Tooth disease. She tells her parents that she would rather go to heaven rather than spend any extra day in the hospital. This story about Julianne leaves a lot of ethical questions; does her age affect her ability to make a decision? Is it right to follow her will not to go to the hospital?
Allowing one to terminate life at their command has always raised ethical questions especially under circumstances such as; whether in a case where one has made a decision to terminate their life at their will; where there is enough proof that continuation of life will have more to lose and will only bring more harm to the person. Also, the issue that is terminating life under whatever circumstance is immoral because life is not granted by human beings, and, therefore, no one has a right to take it away, (Patrick 2015,pp 624).
Some people have argued that when one is going through extreme pain or desperation due to incurable diseases, it is unreasonable to believe that such a patient has any other than death. It also raises issues of fairness and justice where those in the care of the patient feel the sharp burden of taking care of the hospital bills, (Joseph, 2015). The argument here is that it would be okay to let people ter…

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