ESPN’s New Pitch to Advertisers: We reach Women

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ESPN’s New Pitch to Advertisers: We reach Women

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Sports Advertisements
Traditionally, sports television has been known to be the best form of marketing targeting male viewers. Women have not been known to be famous sports viewers; advertisers, therefore, have consistently ignored them in sports advertisements. They have been known to be consumers of soap operas and other related programs (“ESPN’S New Pitch to Advertisers: ‘We Reach Women’”). The advertisers have thus targeted women during prime times. However, larger advertisers have changed and are diversifying on the advertisement strategies with the aim of reaching the untapped market. Women have changed tact’s and today; it is not a guarantee that prime time’s programs will capture women. Audience outside the home has significantly increased with women forming a good number of this segment. According to ESPN, advertisers have changed the focus of marketing from the sport to the consumer of the product. They thus concentrate on every possible consumer including men, women, and children
Attention is, however, turning to women after advertisers realized that women too have changed and are good fans of sports just like men (“ESPN’S New Pitch to Advertisers: ‘We Reach Women’”). With the changing world and calls for gender equality, women are trying to do what men do. It is, therefore, a standard practice to find women watching sports hence motivating the advertisers to focus on them. The new data acquired by ESPN also gives…

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