Equality and diversity

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Equality and diversity

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Equality and Diversity
It has become important for teachers to educate children about diversity in the classroom. The intent is to create and promote a classroom setting where cohesion exists, and students recognize and accept each other’s differences. Children are naturally full of curiosity, and it is imperative to allow them to explore without making them feel embarrassed or ashamed of what they do (Lyman 118). By doing so, teachers encourage the children to develop their own personality and preferences on what they like or dislike and help them to be tolerant of other people’s inclinations.
In the case study presented, I would have dealt with the situation differently by avoiding confronting the boy who dressed up in girls’ clothing. As the teacher, I would encourage the children to play dress up as it is a way through which children discover the world and may want to know how it feels to be a girl or a boy. This may be achieved by having a dress-up day in which I would encourage the children to dress up in diverse clothing styles and have an open discussion about the different styles and what they represent to different people or cultures (Knowles and Lander 90).
As part of the children’s play activities, I would ensure that both boys and girls have a chance to play different games, such as by having the boys engage in gymnastics, play with dolls, and bake. On the other hand, the girls can play games such as golf, video games, …

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