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Engineering Article Review

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Week 5
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Week 5
Open-Source Investigation is the use of sources and data that is readily accessible, for example, information gotten from the government reports, research findings and the media. Records show that approximately ninety percent of valuable details in the most case come from open sources (Hill, 2018). As a result, the use of this technique has grown in various fields. For instance, corporate security analysts rely on open source intelligence in discovering probably hidden risks and in the making of decisions.
Anyone can use the open-source investigation (Beauman, 2018). It does not require any warranty before perusing through a source. Also, it does not necessarily have to be conducted immediately after the accident in question has happened. It can be done months after and still be effective. The methodology is of great help to an investigator, especially if he or she is running on a tight budget. It is much cheaper in comparison to the other customary techniques. Open source investigation allows the sharing of information; this is to say one investigator can use the findings of another so long as it is not outdated. It also saves time. The time that would have been wasted in examining an occurrence is redirected into either analyzing or drawing possible conclusions.
In an open-source investigation, teamwork is highly facilitated. Therefore the results obtained are different people who reduce the likeliness of it being biased or…

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