Encouraging the Heart

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Encouraging the Heart

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Encouraging the Heart
Part One: The Heart of Leadership
Kouzes and Posner explore ways of making a good leader by appeasing the heart of humans. In the book “The Heart of Leadership,” the writers explore seven leadership essentials that can make good leaders. Conventionally, a leader should talk tough and act as if they do not care much of what happens next after making decisions, but, Kouzes and Posner tell of another way of achieving that desired goal through ‘soft leadership.’ From the book, one derives the idea that, the traditional way of leadership is not the only way, people should get support, encouragement, and help each other at the workplace if at all a difference in the administration is something achievable.
At the end of chapter three, Kouzes and Posner give a self-assessment criterion that a person can use to determine their score on the heart of leadership index. The assessment tells the extent to which one exhibits the seven essentials of leadership as postulated by Kouzes and Posner. After assessing myself, I scored 187. According to Kouzes and Posner (38), a score of 187 is excellent.
Some of the questions that I scored highly were questions 2 through 4, 6 through 12, 16 to 17, and 20 to 21. For all the outlined questions the score was 10, and that is the highest possible score according to the assessment. A score of 10 translated to something often done though not always. For exampl…

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