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Employee Relations

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Employee Relations
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There are various benefits to an organization that invests its resources towards employee relations activities. A positive relationship between employees and the managers of an organization is vital since it improves employee motivation. Employees who are motivated work without the need to be supervised since their motivations come from inside an individual. Highly motivated employees do their best to ensure that they achieve the expectations of a company in regards to performance which in turn increases productivity. Good employee relations leads to reduced levels of absenteeism as well as employee turnover. A company may benefit from strong employee relations since its revenues due to better products and services that satisfy customers.
I believe that brainstorming and individual meetings are some employee relations activities that can have the utmost effect on an organization. In many companies, the management makes important decisions and employees are supposed to work with those decisions. Brainstorming allows employees to participate in decision-making since they contribute their opinions, ideas, and concerns which are incorporated when decisions are being made. Brainstorming helps employees to feel valued and appreciated in an organization thereby increasing their morale. Individual meetings can also be beneficial to an organization since it allows employees to have a one-on-one conversation with t…

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