Emotional Intelligence 2.0

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Emotional Intelligence 2.0

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Book Review
Learning Outcomes
I have learnt the core concept of emotional intelligence which is one of the most vital tools for an emotionally unstable person. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to take the circumstances, particularly those which impacts one’s emotional stability, in control to the extent possible. Without emotional intelligence, it is not possible to survive in this world in a successful way, which ensures one’s happy and prosperous survival (Bradberry & Greaves 34).
Changes Ensued
I have started looking on things differently. The events or circumstances that I previously used to consider as unfavorable have posed to present opportunities to me. This book has changed my psychological perspective of perceiving thing altogether. It has presented to me more positive nature of the adverse situation. In the end, it is all about one’s response to the problem that shapes one’s life and not the problem itself (Benabou &Tirole 16).
I observe that the worldly matters and situations are not going to change instead a person needs to change oneself as per the demand and requirement of the age. There is no adverse situation. It is all our mind and emotional stability that carve the things out of these situations.

Applications in Daily Life
This book is helpful both for amending personal as well as professional life. For example, I will use the concept of s…

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