EHR Implementation

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EHR Implementation

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An electronic health record is a digital patient’s record that makes information secure and instantly available to the person accessing it. Electronic health records implementation can be a problem in its application because of the cumbersome procedures involved and the cost of implementation. Computerized patients record system (CPRS) and barcode medication administration system (BMAS) are the two major ways of implementation of electronic health records. These two are faced with massive problems such as disruption of workflow in the hospitals when being put into place, many of the medical staff not knowing how to use these systems and how the management is responsive to the staff’s problems. Barcode, medication administration system, faced several challenges than the computerized patient’s record system in its implementation, like the lack of internet coverage in some areas, empty unit doses being delivered towards and difficulties dealing with wristbands more so from the nurses.
Barcode medication administration is a system that is aimed at reducing human errors caused by prescription of drugs and ensuring that medical records are documented for future reference. It is more of a hands-on development that involves pharmacists, nurses, and clinicians and it, therefore, needs to be handled with care. Medication errors in the US are reported to be affecting at least 1.5 million people worth 400,000 of the case…

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