Effective Coalition Leadership

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Effective Coalition Leadership

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Effective Coalition Leadership
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Effective Coalition Leadership
The Wisconsin Nurses Association is instrumental in the advocacy programs that seek to expedite the process of modification of healthcare policies in the entire state. Primarily, the state association has had an immense influence in community health over the last few years and is expected to influence better healthcare standards in Wisconsin through appropriate use of resources such as nurses and their leaders to provide top quality nursing care for all. Notably, the association works in close relations with the Administration of Nursing Education of Wisconsin (ANEW), Wisconsin Organization of Nurse Executives (WONE) and the Wisconsin Centre for Nurses (WCN). Together, these associations form the Quad Council, and each member play a crucial role in leadership and development of strategic policies. The Wisconsin Nurses Association is charged with the responsibility of advocacy (Wisconsin Nurses Association, 2017).
The WNA is governed and managed by a board of directors consisting of the president, his vice, the secretary and the treasurer. The current President is Linda Gobis, MN, RN, JD and her Vice President is Elizabeth Markham, Ph.D., RN, BSN, and MSN. Ideally, the association has a robust leadership that has overseen the representation of nurses in many legislative initiatives throughout Wisconsin. The association has held several policy meetings at State Capit…

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