drug delivery tutorials asnwers

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drug delivery tutorials asnwers

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Drug Delivery Tutorials Answers
Tutor 1- Pharmacodynamics
Nonspecific targets act by exploiting the chemical and the physiochemical properties such as the sodium alginate and sodium bicarbonate while the specific targets act by therapeutically by binding to the peptides and proteins.
Pharmacodynamics refers to the effect of drugs on human body through the metabolic attraction.
Pharmacokinetics is the study on how drugs move in the body through metabolic process. Drugs in the body begin to exert any kind of effects before it is being absorbed in the system.
Tutor 2- Quantitative pharmacology
Affinity is how well a particular compound is held at the binding site while efficacy is the ability of a drug to produce a pharmacological response (Rmax) when it interacts with its receptor.
Potency in most cases involves both affinity and efficacy of the drugs on the binding sites of the receptor cells. Affinity is very strong on molecular compounds than the efficacy. Thus a drug binds to the receptors well when it is more affinity to it. Efficacy is the relationship of the receptor occupancy and its ability in initiating any response at the molecular cells.
Potency (for example EC50s), Maximal response (Rmax), partial and inverse agonist
Long drug concentration

Tutor 3 signal transduction and G-protein
Signal transducer is a process where there is a transmission of the chemical signal or physical signa…

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