Domestic Workers Movement

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Domestic Workers Movement

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Domestic Workers Movement
Domestic Workers, like any workers across the world, need protection from several potential adverse facing, facing them in their work environment. Over time, some of them, especially before their recognition by the international Labor Movement organization, had faced myriad challenges from their employers, which was an actual violation of their human rights. Such is quite demotivating and had a negative impact on their prosperity. Whereas some of them lost their lives through suicides and self-harm, others became demotivated, and could not realize the value of life (States 4). On the other hand, others, upon realizing the plight facing them, sought to withstand the storms to have a registered movement, recognized internationally.
Through the movement, International Domestic Workers Network (IDWN) domestic workers’ rights get protected. They have laws that govern how they work, their payments and treatment from their masters, an aspect that gives them dignity. Through such, they stand for the voiceless (Fish 236). Through the efforts of the movement, the workers are working extra hard, to reach their colleagues in several parts of the world, and enlighten them on their rights.
To fully realize the potential benefits of the movement, it is my opinion that the movement works on eradicating some of the available challenges, as suggested by States (2017). For instances, labor law differs from country…

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