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Case 1
In case one the intern has been faced with two challenging situations. If he accepts the gift from the patient he will be violating the set code of conduct. He is also at a stage where two culture are classing, a culture where giving gifts is an acceptable and a professional code of conduct where it is not acceptable to take gift. Since the intern had form a bond with the patient when he was treating him, the patient saw that the only way to reward the intern was to gift him. What I can deduct from this is that the intern followed the set code of conduct very strictly and he did not put the patients’ psychological reactions at heart (Ivey, Allen, 44). Not accepting the patient gifts reduces all the treatment the patient had gone through to zero, since after this the patient never return form treatment. The set code of conduct should be relaxed so that phycologist can formally accept patients.
Case 3
For case three the psychiatrist had no background of the patients’ culture and how the cultural difference could affect the treatment. Because of this cultural difference, it added to the legal liabilities, and this caused her not to understand Mr. Ls desire to use traditional medicine. The psychiatrist would never have taken some time to understand what herbs the patient was making and the culture which he as coming from. The only thing she observed was the professional culpability which she might face if the tw…

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