Disaster Management

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Disaster Management

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Disaster Management
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Disaster Management
As qualified professionals, nurses can conduct different activities to warn people concerning an impending disaster or reduce the health risks and casualties associated with a disaster. Such activities can fall into three levels: primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention (Shultz, Espinola, Rechkemmer, Cohen, & Espinel, 2016). This essay discusses the possible interventions that can be conducted by nurses at each disaster prevention level.
Primary Prevention
When a disaster occurs, several volunteers and workers may enter into the affected place to give humanitarian and health assistance. A possible nursing intervention at this stage is immunization of the volunteers to prevent them from contracting communicable diseases like measles, pertussis, and mumps among other diseases as they will be interacting with the victims (Nayak, 2015). Such an activity can be done at the impact phase to keep the volunteers safe. The nurses can seek support from agencies like the American Red Cross, which is known globally for providing disaster response services.
Secondary Prevention
Nurses can conduct surveillance and screening to identify other health needs of the disaster population. Ideally, the occurrence of a disaster will enable the nurses to interact with several members of the community, who may be victims, or relatives to the victims (Nayak, 2015). Through such int…

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