DB2: Leadership Context & Definition of Effectiveness

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DB2: Leadership Context & Definition of Effectiveness

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DateLeadership Context and Effectiveness
According to Gotsis and Grimani, leadership is a management practice that is significantly affected by the type of leader in a specific context (Gotsis and Grimani 242). Different types of leadership contexts bring out different types of leaders. According to Torres, Ruiz, and Hamlin, leadership refers to individual behavioral traits that managers can have that improve their efficiency on the job (Torres, Ruiz, and Hamlin 205).
Leadership success refers to the ability of a leader to positively influence subordinates to be effective in their duties and give their best to the organization. Organizational success gauges an effective leader. An effective leader is one whose organization is succeeding as a result of their positive impact on the organization.
Leadership success is determined by the ability of a leader to convince people they are working with to believe in the same goals and outcomes that the leader intends to achieve and to pursue these goals and objectives with the same passion as the leader. A successful leader is one therefore who can inspire others to work towards the achievement of shared goals. Leadership effectiveness is gauged by the outcomes of each decision made by a leader. Despite the support the people they work with, the selection of the right goals and efficient allocation of resources will determine the effectiveness of a leader.
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