DB1: Leadership Context & Definition of Effectiveness

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DB1: Leadership Context & Definition of Effectiveness

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Leadership Context & Definition of Effectiveness
Leadership could be an acquired skill or one that is within the person but nurtured to ensure the maximum outcome, others even attain it accidentally (Comber 283). Both articles articulate the importance of leadership, more so stemming from the skill to lead others as per the expectations of the organization, or the profession and achieve desired results. Hence, much emphasis is placed on the supervisory managers who interact directly with the teams as opposed to strategic managers (Chai, Dae Seok, et al. 791). Nonetheless, different organizations define it differently, but we lean on the skillset capabilities, not only for the leaders to perform but for their work to reflect on the performance of their teams.
Effective leadership is a primary success factor among teams and organization. However, being a leader does not automatically make one a leader, they have to earn the respect of their team. Effective leadership comes into play, which is defined differently by different organizations and in different sectors as well, as illustrated in the articles. An organization could define effective leaders based on values/skills they uphold (Comber 283), their vision, intellect, communication, integration into their systems (Chai, Dae Seok, et al. 793) among others. Subordinates could also describe the efficiency of their leader differently provided they interact appropriately. In our organi…

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