Critique of the journal article: Embracing Agile

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Critique of the journal article: Embracing Agile

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Embracing Agile
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Embracing Agile
The article by Darrell K. Rigby, Hirotaka Takeuchi and Jeff Sutherland is about Agile, and it’s a landmark in the management history, considering that it has been published in an institution like the Harvard Business Review magazine (Rigby, Sutherland and Takeuchi, 2016, p.3). The article explains why the management should embrace Agile hence the title ‘Embracing Agile’ is very appropriate. The importance of embracing agile is that it’s the foundation for continuous innovations. The article argues that the Agile may lead to over 60% gains in new marketing programs, product introductions, employee engagement and human resource (Rigby, Sutherland and Takeuchi, 2016, p.9). It claims that managers aren’t taking advantage of such gains due to ignorance, something which can be changed by training.
It’s notable the purpose of the article isn’t made clear, and the reader has to read through to get what the article is all about. Based on my background checks the article doesn’t have any notable errors in terms of facts, and interpretation (Denning, 2018 N.p). In other words, this article is well-written. However, one of my great concern of this article is the point the author has not cited the pertinent literature. It raises a lot of questions regarding the source of certain statistical information. For instance, the authors say, “Empirical data shows that s…

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