Criminal law Annotated Bibliography

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Criminal law Annotated Bibliography

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The people we interact with play a vital role in chiseling out our best selves as we endeavor to live a mark long after we are gone. Brotherhood is a family that is always there to bring out the best in us. Identifying with a group people with the same aspiration as us will help us attain our goals faster. A brotherhood offers moral support, and experience that allows us to journey through our life challenges safely. Brotherhood is a haven that a person can run to for advice. Others have already achieved most of what we aspire to attain. Belonging to the same association with them will accord us the advantage of having a role model to lead the way (“Home”, 2018). We can learn from their success and improve on their shortcomings. Their experience of the journey we are currently undertaking will help us reach our destination in record time. A brotherhood for me is, therefore, a family that I can lean on for guidance and social molding. Having a Brotherhood fosters a sense of belonging; it makes me feel at home as I can freely express myself without fear of others casting judgment on me.
My Contribution
The Delta Sigma Pi brotherhood at the University of Arizona is a family that allows one to flourish in their business field through guidance and support. Being a member of the fraternity will give me a platform to share my intellectual skill in business management. I will share my experience and make myself available to mentor those coming after me. I believe t…

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