Corruption Arrest in Argentina

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Corruption Arrest in Argentina

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Case Facts
The former vice president of Argentina and other five high-profile government officials have been detained awaiting their trial following corruption allegations. It is also believed that several allies from private sectors in Argentina have been locked up due to misappropriating public funds. The incarceration of the V.P and the co-accused, occurred as president Mauricio Macri has pledged to overturn the culture of impunity in Argentina (Londono & Politi 1). However, according to reports from various sources, it is indicated that President Macri’s actions have majorly netted political opponents. Mr. Macri is, therefore, facing charges of manipulating the judiciary system to weaken the opposition side. Although the step of rooting out corrupt leaders in Argentina has taken a higher note, Mr. Gavarano an official of the Argentine government, passed that their efforts may ultimately fail due to the “judges.” According to Mr. Gavarano, several judges and magistrates sitting in the federal court in Buenos Aires have turned a deaf year on corruption cases to go unpunished or without taking the required action (Londono & Politi 1). Nevertheless, it is believed that even after conviction, prominent politicians always find an excuse for staying out of custody and this gives them a chance to protect and maintain their assets.

Key issues
Although president Macri and his government are trying their best to wipe out corruption in Argentina, it is thought that he a…

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