Corporate Globalization

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Corporate Globalization

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Review of Verbeke, Coeurderoy, and Tanja’s Article on Corporate Globalization
The primary purpose or problem that led to the research contained in the article under review is that there has been a widespread misunderstanding about the whole idea of globalization. Some researchers argue that the entire concept of globalization creates conflicts with nature and that is why they are launching xenophobic attacks on it. According to the article by Verbeke, Coeurderoy, and Tanja (1), the idea of globalization triggers extensive and ongoing measurements of various parameters at the macro-level. In the past, researchers emerged to have missed the target on the concept of corporate globalization and this according to the authors under review have made the de-globalization forces to gain increasing momentum all-round the world (Verbeke, Coeurderoy, and Tanja 2).
The research questions set for writing includes the manner in which global as a term can be defined in the studies of globalization in actionable terms. It also entails knowing how the antecedents of the word can best be established as well as how to conduct the assessment of corporate globalization empirically regarding the consequences and content. The last research question is on the determination of how the global value links truly global (Verbeke, Coeurderoy, and Tanja 3). The hypotheses to help in the tackling of the research questions and involving it in the writing of the articl…

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