Congestive cardiac failure with ?digoxin toxicity

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Congestive cardiac failure with ?digoxin toxicity

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  Congestive Cardiac Failure

  Congestive Cardiac Failure
Report from the United States has asserted that heart failure is a common killer disease among the residents where the disease has claimed the lives of many. Statistics asserts that the medical facilities accommodate approximately 0.7 million cardiac patients within a year. Further, it is extensively consuming the residents aged 65 years and above. The aspects associates attack to the heart in a certain perspective where its functionality is withheld. Critically, heart failure does not imply total incapability to the heart such that it cannot work. However, it is a condition where its pumping capability is absorbed attracting sophistication to the body (Maron et al., 2006). It is a situation where the blood moves through the body and the heart slowly than it moves in normal conditions. Evidently, the heart is not able to pump adequate oxygen and nutrients to the body where metabolism and inspiration are undermined (Trimer et al., 2014). In such a condition, the kidney responds through the establishment of certain complications in excretion of waste products from the body. Critically, there are two types of heart failure which entail systolic dysfunction embraced by inadequate muscle contraction in the heart (Sauvage et al., 2013). Further, it entails the diastolic dysfunction that is associated with the ventricle’s inability to contract. The study seeks to analyze heart failure as a…

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