Conflict escalation in negotiation at work

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Conflict escalation in negotiation at work

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Conflict Escalation in Negotiation at Work
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Conflict Escalation in Negotiation at Work
De Dreu’s (2005) article discusses the factors that escalate disputes during conflict negotiation and resolution at work. He discusses time, power balance, cooperative motivation, and accountability to process as variables that may reverse or reduce conflict escalation. These variables turn disputing teams from experiencing difficulties in constructive negotiations (selfish misers) to solving disputes for mutual benefit (pro-social thinkers).
The dominant perspective about conflict negotiation and resolution is that parties fail to reach an integrative agreement due to cognitive barriers and different structures and values. Researchers in the field of psychology have for a long time focused on understanding the principles and processes that are involved in conflict negotiations. In the process, they have analyzed how factors such as cognitive barriers, motives, and structures enable disputing teams to reach an agreement that goes beyond a 50-50 compromise to serving the aspiration of both parties. It is also assumed that conflict escalation occurs as a result of parties ignoring, distorting, and derogating the perspectives and interests of their counterparts.
De Dreu (2005), however, provides a minority perspective regarding reducing incidences of conflict escalation during negotiation and resolution. He suggests that it is easy to und…

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