Compare and Contrast Private vs. Public Schools

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Compare and Contrast Private vs. Public Schools

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Compare and Contrast Private vs. Public Schools
Making the decision on whether to enroll in a private or public school can be tedious and difficult process. This is because there are a lot of registered private and public schools. In fact, the National Center for Education Statistics reports that the USA has a total of 13,500 school districts that have 30,900 private schools and 98,500 public schools, which offer between kindergarten and grade 12 education programs. This brings the total number of schools to 129,400 within the USA. This is an enormous number of institutions for any individual to choose from, particularly parents thereby identifying the need for the two types of schools to be compared and contrasted. Obviously, the comparison will be based on the curriculum, cost of education and environment in which the students will learn since the two are already have a management difference that identifies them as either publicly managed or privately managed schools. This is a particularly important distinction for parents who are trying to decide what schools to send their children, with the contrast and comparison allowing them to identify the school that best suits their capabilities and children’s needs (National Center for Education Statistics). Therefore, the present paper conducts a comparison and contrast of private and public schools.
A curriculum identifies the core teaching materials that are offered in…

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