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Communications 1

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James Carey’s Model of Transmission and Ritual
The ritual view of communication was proposed by James Carey to enable people to understand the theory of communication better. According to James Carey, communication represents a symbol of the reality that people can use to past information in the society. Communication can be considered to be either truthful or false depending on the information put across by people. James Carey indicated that communication could share specific beliefs that people can share while passing vital information in the society. The participation of the people is a significant factor in the ritual of communication. The article examines the ritual view of communication as explained by James Carey.
Lack of involvement can break down the communication process. James Carey attempted to define communication by the ritual ideologies that that enacts community changes. In this regard, it means that particular information that is communicated in the society can warrant specified transformation (Packer 46). James Carey further explained that the commonness and communion witnessed in the society coincide with the communication ideologies that he attempts to put across to the readers. He used the word “ritual” in his explanation of communication due to the relationship that it holds with religion. Religion helps the audience to explore the beliefs that communication shares with the outright view. The co…

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