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Communicating effectively

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Communicating Effectively
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Communicating Effectively
Communication is a vital aspect of interaction in the workplace. Due to the diversity of cultures and habits, it is essential for one to engage in passing a message to another person. Giving a note is crucial since all the elements of the message should be received as is by the listener. Therefore, as De Janasz et al., (2014) shows, the message should be clear precise and easily understood. Such form of communication is vital when orally speaking with an individual. On the other hand, the discussion is never complete without the accompanying nonverbal cues. Nonverbal communication is critical in ensuring that one does not pass the wrong message without even speaking. People pick on various cues to understand the message being given through multiple nonverbal actions such as touching.
With the advancement in technology, communication has become more natural and can be expressed efficiently through devices. It has even become possible to speak to groups of people from instantly from a different part of the world. Various applications have been developed to ease communication between efficient and secure platforms that ensures a person or groups can all discuss a topic without necessarily being in a room. These applications have enabled the use of emoji’s that can be used by the participants to communicate by use of pictorial depiction of their mood non-verbally. They are also effecti…

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