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Clinical Trial

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Student’s Name
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Increasing Exercise Enjoyment and Outcome Expectations among Women with Obesity
The scope of the Experiment (Trial)
The study seeks to propose a new methodology that can be utilized to enhance the enjoyment of exercise and hence acquire the proximal advantages of physical activity (PA) as compared to a sole focus on weight loss and personal image. The study there seeks to implement interventions that address the disparities between the PA outcomes and enjoyment in the participants. The individuals involved in the exercise are two groups. An intervention group with a target exercise program that are designed for obese women without YMCA membership. The second group is a control category of participants with YMCA membership only. The majority of the recruited participants are randomized to ensure that they are either subjected to intervention or control condition. A total of 51 participants are involved in the study to act as either a control or intervention group.
Specific type of Experiment
The study type is an interventional design in which the authors experiment the impact of the interventions on the level and enjoyment of PA.
Name(s) of those who performed the Experiment
The experiment was performed by Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in collaboration with the University at Buffalo led by Lucia A Leone (assistant professor).
Share the results of the Experiment
Obese women are less likely to enjoy exe…

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