Classroom management

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Classroom management

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Classroom Management
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Classroom Management
Management of classrooms can be challenging especially for new teachers. It is because, unlike their colleagues who have been practicing for some time, they do not have the opportunity to apply the course knowledge to a particular classroom environment. Therefore, they need to implement some strategies that address class management strategies. Consequently, the teacher creates an environment that is conducive for learning. Thus, this paper discusses how communication, rules and procedures, noise management, charts and reward systems, seating charts, and schedules are effective strategies of classroom management.
A teacher needs to communicate his/her expectation of students regarding their behaviour in the classroom. The communication should also include parents because they play crucial roles in teaching practice to students (O, 2018,p. 9). Admittedly, most teachers are uncomfortable addressing parents regarding the behaviour of students in the class. However, research on classroom management shows that it significantly changes the perception of classroom behaviour in students. Also, it makes it easier for teachers to relate to students hence making classroom management easy.
Another classroom management strategy involves setting rules and procedures for students’ behaviour in the classroom. From day one, a teacher should create rules (O, 2018, p. 9). It will…

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