Chromecast streaming devices for speakers and television

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Chromecast streaming devices for speakers and television

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Chromecast streaming devices for speakers and television
The article, titled, Google Unveils New Devices to Connect Smartphone and TV, was published by Conor Dougherty in the New York Times on the 29th day of September, 2015. The article discusses two new devices launched by Google. One of the devices can be used to stream content between mobile phones and televisions. The device envisions to transform televisions into devices for accessing the internet, where channels are replaced by mobile applications, with the mobile phone being at the core of the technology.
Google’s Chromecast transmits content directly from a mobile phone to a television through the internet. The device serves as a waypoint between televisions and phones and merely extends the applications on smartphones. Other companies have introduced comparable devices into the market, including Apple, Roku and Amazon. However, Google’s Chromecast is different in that is approximately the shape and size of a silver dollar, while Apple’s TV is principally a minute computer with a huge storage space for applications. Additionally, this new device is considerably cheaper, retailing at $35 as compared to Apple TV that goes for $149. The other device, Chromecast Audio, can be plugged directly into speakers to receive audio content from phones. To enhance the device’s performance, Google partnered with Sportify, a music streaming application that is currently in com…

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