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Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease
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Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease is a condition whereby the inner layer of an artery forms plaque and thereafter becomes narrow. The formation of plaque is due to the deposition of cholesterol (Esselstyn, 2007). The plaque then causes the wall of the artery to be thick and hard thus limiting the blood flow throughout the whole body. At first, the symptoms are not vivid, however in severe conditions a patient experiences breathe shortage especially when walking or running and even sleeping. The patient also has leg edema and once in a while feels light headed.
According to the ACC/ AHA guidelines, the patient with Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease should be prescribed with medications that reduce the high level of cholesterol levels that cause the blockage of arteries (Nakata, 1986). In addition, a medication that reduces blood pressure and antiplatelet is also very important as they reduce the rate at which blood clots in the body. Apart from the prescription of medications, changing lifestyle is another important form of medication. In this case, therefore, stopping the intake of wine is greatly beneficial to the patient.
If the patient has got a history of MI, the patient has to be prescribed with three types of medication. The first one is cholesterol medication. This type of medication is specifically used to reduce the cholesterol level that causes harm to the blood…

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