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Article Review
The article by King et al discusses the state of Chinese human expression. In this, there is an outline of different methods used by the government to censor its own citizens especially on the online platforms (King et al, 328). This is achieved through programs integral to the hardware components of the Chinese computers. However, the article highlights that as simply one of the methods used. For effectiveness, the Chinese government has banned certain websites such as Facebook from the country. This is a situation that has led to the development of localized sites controllable from within.
Reading through the article reveals the authors had a certain blueprint on which it is based. Studies conducted within China rely on government approved data (King et al, 327). In this, two theories are used in exploring the proposal. These are:
State critique theory
The theory of collective action potentialAs such, the theoretical framework serves to show that for the current regime, censorship is a critical tool in the maintenance of the status quo (King et al, 327). While the first offers insight on the steps by the Chinese government to suppress critical expression on its policies and leaders, the second one seeks to curtail the union of people on a cause.
With regards to the article, a lot is evident concerning the Chinese information industry. As shown by the authors, about 13% of all online communication is censored (King et al, 3…

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