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Cause and Effect When Drawing the Line between Public Safety and Personal Freedom
The line between public safety and personal freedom is always thin. In most societies, the struggle to maintain the balance is evident. Giving one side more importance over the other always leads to a skewed society with problems. This is evidence in the novel “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. This is a society, which has chosen to give public safety preeminence over personal freedom. In so doing, they create a sameness society in which the individuals do not think for themselves, therefore, losing their personal freedom. The aim of this essay is to explain why we should sacrifice an orderly community to allow individuals more spiritual or sensually satisfying experiences based on the lessons Jonas learned in “The Giver.”
When Jonas became the new receiver, he gets an opportunity to interact with the giver. The Giver explains to Jonas the reason they have a sameness society: that was to be safe from pain and suffering caused by human emotions and to avoid the adverse climatic conditions. As a result, the people become robotic which causes them to obey the rules and regulations given by the elders. They are also unable to experience the different weather conditions such as snow..”However, with taking the bad out they did not leave much good either”(Angela Johnson, Jeffrey Kleismit, Antje Williams 2002). The effects of their choice will form the …

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