Case Study Part I

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Case Study Part I

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Case Study Part 1

Case Study Part 1
How might the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. M. be affected by this situation?
The situation in the case study is likely to compromise the relationship between Mr. and Mrs. M. As recognized by Peterson and Bush (2013), the relationship between parents are subject to psychosocial trends. The attention of the two parents is likely to be directed towards the situation. In addition to stress, Mr. and Mrs. M may not be responsive to the needs of each other leading to a compromised relationship.
Should the parents tell their surviving child that he had a twin brother? Why or why not?
It is essential for the parents to inform the surviving child about the twin brother. However, this needs to be done when the surviving twin can understand situations such as death. Otherwise, it may adversely affect the child psychologically.
If you said yes, at what age would it be appropriate to do this?
The appropriate age is when the child attains the majority age. At such as a stage, the child will be able to understand why some decisions had to be made, especially on such sensitive matters.
What roles might the grandparents play in this situation?
In the current case, the grandparents may play a role in informing the child about the deceased twin brother when the right time comes. As grandparents, they may assist the surviving child to understand the rationale for the decision to allow Andrew to die, and that he was going …

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